Effective Hair Loss Treatment That Really Works

The market is full of various hair loss treatment solutions. Very few of them are effective. Keeping in view the demand for some real solution for baldness Provillus has launched a new hair loss treatment formula. Apart from helping you stop your hair fall it also promotes new hair growth. It guarantees that hair growth will start within a week of starting this treatment.

The rising incidence of women suffering from hair loss has prompted Provillus to introduce a completely different formula for women. Men usually have male pattern baldness which means hairline starts receding from upper forehead. This formula takes special care to treat male and female baldness differently. The basic hair growth formula of course remains the same.

This hair loss treatment has two components. A topical solution that can be applied on the scalp and other supplement is in capsule form. One capsule twice a day is recommended for best results. It contains different vitamins and minerals and some ingredients approved by FDA. This formula promises to treat various kinds of baldness but is not very effective for baldness that happens because of heavy medication for example chemotherapy.

There are no major side effects of this product.However, it must be kept in mind that excessive consumption of these capsules will not ensure quick results. If taken in excess quantity it may cause chest pain, irregular breathing, severe or mild headache etc. Take the recommended dosage continuously for two or three months and wait for results. Just remember hair growth is a time taking process, therefore you cannot notice its effect on daily basis.

before ordering Read complete review of Provillus hair loss treatment and see if this is what you need. Do not forget to go through the terms and conditions of Provillus trial offer